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When your boyfriend pulls off your style :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 4 12 I'll stop..(can't stop 0.0) :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 1 1 Stay determined. :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 2 9 I'd totaaaally forgot :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 4 7 Screenshot 2016-10-31 at 8.42.16 PM :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 2 0
Ozzy and Drix The Fatal War Part 1
It's weekly afternoon in Caribbean country, Hector is finally working up courage to request his love interest; Christine on annual School Prom, every typical moment in a teenager high-school life. The bell rings signal its time to leave school,Hector soul is fill with happiness, courage, and determination. He walks to his friend Christine to be soon his prom date; utterly beauty, contagious passion, and eternal company. Hector approach Christine group of friends and smiles nervously. "Um. E-Excuse me."  He stutters, but has some spine. Christine's group stop their chatting and Hector love interest took notice. "Hi, Hector!  How's it going?" She smiles. Hector could feel his legs wobble because his  upcoming confession. "Im cool, pretty dandy actually. Listen, about the school prom-" Someone provoke Hector confession and it's one the 'cool' students in their class. Ricky Sells; Professional (Cheater)at baseball, good looking, accomplish grades, and total jerk. Hector is a
:icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 4 2
Fever Affections
Ozzy tossed and turn in his mattress; a nasty cough escape from the cell lips and following pitiful groans. This body temperature regular 98.6, scattered tissues on workspace/Room. The white blood cell seem to caught something from a germ he arrested. Ozzy sat up slowly, thinking to grab a snack then go back in Afflicted miserly. Drix block his partner in the kitchen entrance way. "You're supposed to stay in bed Jones." He instructs. Ozzy pounds on Drix chest compartment: sound waves of metal. "Let's slide this under the rug, pill? A cop here can't get a snack?" His legs hardly support his waist, his muscles are place fragile in every way.  
Drix made a whipped nutritional pie and smiles. "Have a plasma pot pie!' Drix always bakery habit of cooking, especially pie he made Jones to try to make sure their editable or safe to eat. It smells pretty normal like a pie should be. Ozzy was cautious yet polite and took the pie without questioning. "Mm.Mm. I can't wait to stuff my mouth wit
:icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 2 5
Ozzy and Drix meme! :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 15 4 Lookie Ozzy fanart :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 4 5
Ozzy and Drix The Fatal war: Feature characters
Okay, these are the characters are be featured in the story I'm writing. This will be daily updated if anyone else wants to add their character 
They belong to their awesome creators 
(Cold virus)Snow -Belongs to
(Red Death virus)Ellecia- Belongs to
(Virus)Viper - Belongs to
Tamara - Belongs to
(Cell) Rory Histone -Belongs to
(Cell and Pill) Olivia and Drixie- Belongs to
(Cell/virus) Fiona - Belongs to
:icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 1 8
Mature content
Thrax x (Fem) Reader lemon :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 5 8
Mature content
Osmosis Jones X (Fem) Reader :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 3 6
Random Thrax meme :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 10 23
Osmosis Jones Bloopers
[Take 1: Drix saves Ozzy in the Zit]
Drix: *burst a hole in the wall and aims his cannon* Attention germs you are surrounded..Uh huh.Uh huh,Uh huh,Uh huh surrounded. *starts dancing*
Ozzy: * mumbled* Drix you can stop dancing-
Drix: Break it down now what what! You guys are busted what ,what! Give me a heeeeey, woooooa!
Director: Cut! Drixenol quit fooling around we gotta a movie.
Drix: *stops his Dancing and laughs* Oops I was in a middle of groove on
[Take 1: Where Ozzy gets called on the chief office*]
Chief: *climbs over his desk* I told ya to stay put! I told ya to wait for backup! Once again, you had to do it your own wa- , *falls over his desk*
Ozzy: ...We gotta a big man down!
Chief: *struggling to get himself up, using the turtle tactic* Somebody give me electric scooter.. D:
Director: Cut! Give this cell man a hand...
[Take 2]
Chief: I told ya to stay put! I told ya to wait for backup! Once again, you had to do it your own way! *His desk breaks and groans on the
:icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 7 12
Osmosis Jones Roleplays 2016!!!
Hello beautiful creatures on earth! Today I'm making this happen ever since I'd watched Osmosis Jones movie and show :)
Basically I cherish this creative, sorta underrated, fandom which  holds amazing universe that illustrates the human body Personally I value the Osmosis Jones even it show some exclusive content that children didn't get. The TV show Ozzy & Drix had an Okay animation (I prefer the other one) it shows adventure,education, and silly comedy XD
This fandom is pretty coo (characters, cannon, stories, Oc, roleplays)l it's unfair it didn't got a lot of attention . I wanted to make this Rp form since there isn't enough on the internet having Osmosis Jones Roleplays even shipping's. So I'll do it!
These following ships I can RP.
Oc x Oc 

Ozzy x Maria (they cute ^^)
Ozzy x Leah (they cute too)
Ozzy x Thrax (my OTP )

Leah x Thrax 

Drix x Ozzy (it happens :p)

:icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 1 259
Aww :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 0 1


Secret Santa for Mery :iconichimadl:ichimadl 137 10 Best Idea EVER :iconmuepin:muepin 376 23 Spideypool4 :iconlkikai:LKiKAi 508 14 Kiss :icondmuyaa:Dmuyaa 286 8
The Coffee Shop (Ozzy x Thrax)
The Coffee Shop
"Ugh…" Was all Ozzy could feel right now. It was a painfully slow, boring morning for the young, off-duty cop. Osmosis Jones – a rebellious and determined police officer – was heading towards the coffee shop to use their Wi-Fi in hopes of finishing a police report while on his day off. As much as he loathed having to work on days off, he knew he didn't have much of a choice. It was due tomorrow.
His morning had already started crappy what with his not-so-considerate neighbor mowing the lawn at 6 AM. Then he had realized he ran out of food in the house which meant no breakfast for him. And now he has to finish the police report before tomorrow. A crappy day off indeed.
Nonetheless, the young caramel-colored man shook it off and continued towards the coffee shop. Once he arrived, he stretched his stiff form and looked around. Thankfully it wasn't too full, only occupied by about nine people at the most. About half of the tables were open.
Just as he was
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Spideyloves - banana :iconnan034syra:Nan034Syra 17 9 Ennard Innards :iconandiiiematronic:Andiiiematronic 197 34 Amyplier - Kissing on the cheek :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 1,691 145 Star Butterfly's Timeline :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 4,306 168 Deadpool x Spider man :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 684 51 Spideypool :iconmaryskillet:MarySkillet 37 0 Spideypool :icondarkharms:darkHarms 34 1 CM: Taminator Rupphire Swap :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 276 21 Blossick - Protection :iconroboticrhaspody:RoboticRhaspody 89 2 PPGD Anime fancast: Jenny Wakeman :iconsnitchpogi12:snitchpogi12 24 1 [request] Poor Unfortunate Soul :iconaxsens:Axsens 856 28



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United States
2016 Version: Hi my name is Ashley or call me Grape. I'm a half time writer and artist who loves sharing motivation, Inspiration, mostly other stuff ^^ Shippings: Septiplier ( Jacksepticeye & Markiplier my biggest ship) Sans x Frisk (UT) Papyrus x Sans (UT shut it don't judge me>\\\<) Ozzy x Thrax ( Osmosis Jones, if any one want to roleplay this pairing with me I'm available!) Pewdiecry ( Felix x Cry)

Favorite colors : Purple!!! And blue.

Likes: dancing, drawing, writing, food, friends, Youtube crack ships, sweat pants, role playing and sleeping.

Hates: ....Bad people and cramps (Uggggh..women stuff)
Hello my fellow Friends And Angels! Apparently my presence on this website is... Terrible. I'm dealing with some emotional issues and I rather not talk about it, I recently got sick so that's great.. When I'm better I'll bounce back! 

The Fatal war: The Ozzy and Drix fanfic I'm making is on a huge  delay and the still continuing it, I need inspiration to put in effort to make it good. For the folks who submitted their OCS will still be featured and I haven't forgotten :)  I'm sketching out the villian who will attack Hector in the story, I may talk to each individual how their character will be introduced. 


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